Support for date and person custom fields in the Tableau integration

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: New Date field tabulating as “Null” on Tableau. We are unable to display the field or create calculations on Tableau due to the missing integration.

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Hi @Mae_Bargerstock,

I believe this is expected as date custom fields were only introduced very recently. But let me check with our team and come back to you!

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Following, also since Custom Date Fields are not present in Advanced Search menu.

Thanks, Marie! Will look forward to an update from your end. I have several Tableau vizzes tied to our Asana Projects. So far, the newer fields (Dates, People) are tabulating as “Null” on Tableau. Having the data populate would be very helpful, much appreciated!

Just a quick note to confirm this is something our team is looking into. I will keep you updated here :slight_smile:

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@Joseph_Jablonski, this is a different request, can you please file it in Product Feedback and loop me in? Thank you!

Please add the Custom Date Field to PowerBi/Tableau connectors ASAP as I used to have date as a text field which I then spent alot of time converting everything to a date field only to find out that the data didn’t cross over, breaking all my dashboards in PowerBI. Do we have an ETA for this?

Asana does not share on its roadmap, and I am not sure whether or not Asana themselves are responsible for this integration or Tableau/Power BI are…

Hello @Brock_Taylor,
I have merged your post into an existing one.
This is the latest update that has been shared by Marie: Support for date and person custom fields in the Tableau integration - #5 by Marie

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Hi folks,

Our team has confirmed this is not a bug, but an expected behavior, as date/person custom fields aren’t supported yet in our Tableau integration. We’re planning to add support for these new custom fields in the coming months. I don’t have a precise date yet but I’ll circle back on this thread as soon as I do, and in the meantime, I’m moving this conversation to our Product Feedback to allow other community members to add their vote!

Thank you. PowerBI integration will be included in the update with Tableau integration as well?

Any update on this in the roadmap as this is really hindering integration for us and I can’t switch back my date fields to text in Asana as they then can’t be sorted by earliest to latest date? Thanks

Hi all, I am excited to announce that we are shipping reporting support for Date custom field and People custom field. :tada: When they are reported in Tableau/PowerBI, they appear in the following formats:

  • Date custom field: YYYY-MM-DD. Follows the time zone of the user’s Asana setting.
  • People custom field: User ID and User Name (Full Name).

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