Newly Created Custom Field Not appearing

Hi there,

I created a new Custom Field to manually enter the competition date and added it to my Library.

Now i’m trying to create a chart to filter by this Custom Field, but it’s not appearing in the drop down list.

The whole purpose of this is to report on how many tasks we complete on specific day/ week.
the current Completion Date that comes with the app isn’t accurate as sometime we click on ‘complete’ days after and we can’t change the date.

What am I missing here? What do I need to do to be able to report on this?

Here are some picture

and this is the chart that i’m trying to create

Hmmm, I see after quick testing that I cannot use my Custom Fields of Date type as filters in charts.

As far as I can tell, you are doing everything right.

Asana may just not have developed for this. (I can see them shying away fom the rather messy UI questions that might arise.)

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@Sarah_Hamzeh Welcome to the Asana community forum!
As @Stephanie_Oberg said, we haven’t supported the date custom field in reporting yet. Please give this feedback in the product feedback category Product Feedback !

Update late July 2023 thanks to @Alexander_Fouse and @Emily_Roman: This was released a few months ago–custom date type fields support in Reporting

As @Nao_Kumazaki just wrote, this was announced as not to be expected but hopefully to be added soon:

Note that support for Date fields in Forms was one of the possible additions and that has already been released so there’s hope.


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In case anyone is still looking for this - It looks like custom date fields can now be used in the Reporting section!

Good catch! I just updated the prior solution after confirming it’s in my account. (cc @Forum-team in case it’s only an A/B or something!)




Thanks for flagging, @lpb and @Alexander_Fouse! We announced this update back in April:

Let me know if this is not the feature you are referring to!


Whoopsie! Updated my solution again!! Thanks!