Using a Date Custom Field

Hi all! This is my first post to the community.

Does anyone have a suggestion/workaround for setting up a custom field that should be a date?

Here’s what I’m trying to do… I want to use Asana for Accounts Receivable collection. The project is A/R Collection and each invoice will be a task within that project. The due date will be used as the expected receipt date. It would be great to have a couple of date-specific custom fields … 1) date original invoice was sent out and 2) last date that the customer was contacted.

Thanks in advance!


Sounds pretty nifty! I would just suggest adding a custom field for text.

Original Invoice Date: 3/17/17
Date of Last Contact: 1/7/17

And just have whomever responsible for that invoice update it like that. There shouldn’t be any limit on that custom field (for a numerical field they won’t allow the slashes, etc.).

While this is a workaround, it is painstaking to type out the entire date. We use this for support tickets that come in. Having a “Last Updated” custom field would be incredibly useful. Using a text custom field is just painful though and there is no consistency. Wish we could just open up a calendar selector and select the date that way.

With things like support tickets, they don’t have “due dates” but rather we want to be able to at a glimpse be able to see what open tickets are getting old that we need to follow-up on. Currently we have to go over to the help desk to see this information. Asana would be so much more powerful if we could just see this information from Asana though.

Thanks so much!

Agree with comments. A real need for more data types in custom fields. When users are inputting data in the wrong format accidentally, it significantly hinders the power of Asana’s searching functionality. We really need custom fields.

If you have this problem, please vote for the feature here:


Three years so far and ASANA can’t seem to figure out how to allow a custom date field or a custom calculated field. Is anyone monitoring this forum?


@asan what is your solution for accounting that needs Invoice Date and Paid Date?