Use Custom Date Field in Calendar View

We have a custom "Publish Date’ field that we are using for a Content Schedule on Asana. Is it possible to have Calendar View display dates based on this field instead of Due Date? (We are oin a Premium Plan). Thank you


Hi @Brett_J1,

This functionality is not available with this new custom field type. I can see others wanting to use this field similarly though. I would suggest creating a product feedback thread for this if yhis is important for your business.


Thank you very much Christine. I’ll do that.

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Agreed, this would be very useful for us too. Brett, can you please link to the product feedback thread so I can upvote it?

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We are on a premium plan as well like @Brett_J1. We also use asana for social media scheduling and run into issues with needing to have a couple of different calendar views. Being able to use custom fields for a calendar view would be a gamechanger for us and honestly seems kind of like basic functionality.


We fell in love with Asana, we are considering to buy premium plans in 3 weeks. Being able to use custom fields for a calendar view would be fantastic for us. We run magazine and we would love to have couple of calendars with different dates for the same tasks - for social publishing, for magazine publishing, etc. It would be great help for us.

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This is super important for us as well - we use due date as the due date for the client to approve and would need to see the posting date in the calendar.

It would also be amazing if you could set rules with the posting date.


I can’t believe this doesn’t exist already.

This would change my life. I use due dates to plan my work, but need a secondary deadline date for things that are time sensitive. Using the start and end date is just too confusing for this purpose. How is it possible that this wasn’t included in the the added feature. What’s the point if you can’t see it on the calendar?

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This limitation makes it really difficult for using Asana as a content planner.

I think of this every day that I work, and it makes me sad it isn’t an option.

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Agree with all above. We recently adopted Asana and this functionality will be critical for managing our overlapping tasks with various production, publish and promotion dates. A final “Due Date” just isn’t cutting it.

Has anyone created a product feedback thread for this issue yet, so we can vote for it there?

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This actually is one :wink:
Just scroll up to the first post and upvote

Any notes on this? Seems like something so obvious.

Our organization is currently trialing Asana and a few other projectmanagement tools, and having this available would be a bunch of plus points for Asana. Has this been added to the feature backlog already?

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Asana does not have a public roadmap, however they constantly monitor all feedback request threads and their total views and votes. Every month a lot of features are released and you can follow these updates here.

  • 1 for our team on this feature !!

My team could also use this very well especially for media planning.
It would be wonderful if the feature was not only added to the project calendars, but also to the personal calendars.
Currently we create 5 times (!) as many tasks as actually necessary to be able to map all deadlines in the calendar as well.