Custom fields in reporting and dashboards

I have a project with a lot of custom fields based on many different data types - dates, single select, text etc. I noticed that these custom fields, with the exception of single select fields - don’t show up as report criteria when I try to build dashboards for my project. What am I missing?

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Yeah correct at thus stage text fields cannot be used for graph creation, have a look here: Be able to use text custom field for building charts

Numeric custom fields can also be used though, more info here: Using charts on project dashboards to track progress | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

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I agree. Thanks.

I appreciate the limitation with text fields. However as I noted in my question above, even date fields that are added as custom fields to the project are not showing up in the dashboard/report selection.

Hello @anon36484370
have a look here: DATE - Custom Field Type - #326

I am unable to include a number custom field in my reporting. This field has been made available organization wide.

It seems I can’t add a filter on the numeric custom field

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Can you maybe share a screenshot (make sure to blur confidential info)

Can you try create a new numeric custom field in a dummy project and then ensure it is made available to the whole org and then try to see if that shows in the graph.

Hi Andrea, thanks for responding! As you can see from the screenshots, I can add the custom field to my X or Y axis, but not to the filters.

Any progress on this?

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@Andrea_Mayer @anon3671384 I am having the same issue: a numeric custom field, which has been added to the organization-wide library, is only available as an axis, not as a filter. This field is on every one of these tasks; I was using it as an axis, but then wanted to view the data differently, and that’s when I realized it was missing from the filter options.

Hello @Katie_Kendle,

yeah it seems numeric and text fields cannot be selected as a filter here. Maybe you can try and change the filter in a way to still get the info you need with a different set-up.

Not sure if something like this would be of any help.

Now if you are trying to see total tasks per estimated hours that are between a specific range then best to use the advanced search as there you will be set it like this.

Also there are some integrations/apps that might allow you to create exactly the reports you need such as Bridge24 for example.

@Andrea_Mayer thank you for your reply and the ideas. I am more interested in understanding which custom fields we can use in Reporting/Dashboards and which ones we can’t. Right now it looks like custom date fields, custom text fields, and custom numeric fields are NOT supported as filters in Reporting. Is that accurate?

Hello all, I’m having a similiar issue but with multi-select custom fields. I have tasks belonging to various Departments at the same time, now defined by a multi-select custom field, and when trying to build a dashboard based on tasks by discipline, the multi-select custom field doesn’t appear, only single-select custom fields.
Is there any specific material about this?
Thank you, Veronica

Hi @Veronica_Baraldi , could you please share a screenshot? Are you trying to create a chart and your multi-select field is not coming up under the Group or X-axis > Custom field? Or it does and then the results are zero? If so, have you checked your filters?

Hello Richard, the multi-select custom field is not appearing at all within the custom fields’ options.
I would like to understans if multi-select custom fields do not appear as options as default (I can only see drop-down options), or if I may be doing something wrong. Thanks!

Hi @Veronica_Baraldi ,

I see you are in the Insights>Reporting tab and creating a chart in a Dashboard there, i.e. not a chart in a project’s dashboard tab, right?
I also see you are reporting on Tasks, which is correct. Are you sure that the Team ‘T&T library’ has projects which include the ‘department’ custom field that you are looking for?

Also, did you try typing the name of the field to find it in the search? Note, that this is not a dropdown of only 5 options - it is actually a search box with 5 ‘suggestions’ but you can definitely search for more! For some reason, this throws a lot of people off who confuse it for a dropdown of 5 options!

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Hi Richard, thanks for the input.
I’ve made the multi-select custom field especially for the T&T Library Team, and I’ve tried typing the name as well, still doesn’t work. But you can confirm it should, also with multi-select, correct?
I will need to build reports for various projects in one specific Teams or even across Teams.

@Veronica_Baraldi , the only reason why the field does not appear in the search results is because the field needs to be added to the custom field library - and it seems it’s not.

Apologies, I thought I mentioned that earlier!