Custom fields in reporting and dashboards

I have a project with a lot of custom fields based on many different data types - dates, single select, text etc. I noticed that these custom fields, with the exception of single select fields - don’t show up as report criteria when I try to build dashboards for my project. What am I missing?

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Yeah correct at thus stage text fields cannot be used for graph creation, have a look here: Be able to use text custom field for building charts

Numeric custom fields can also be used though, more info here: Using charts on project Dashboards to track progress | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

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I agree. Thanks.

I appreciate the limitation with text fields. However as I noted in my question above, even date fields that are added as custom fields to the project are not showing up in the dashboard/report selection.

Hello @Ajith_Kallambella
have a look here: DATE - Custom Field Type - #326