Dashboard & Custom Field Feedback and Questions

We’ve really only just discovered how helpful the Dashboards are for Projects. You really have to play around with them to realize their real potential, especially with custom fields.

However I’ve encountered some exceptionally tedious things with them that I’m hoping someone can share a few tricks with me to clean them up.

  1. Too many pre-made charts. I basically delete every one of them, and deleting them is tedious. Give us a way of multi-selecting and deleting many of them at once, and please don’t overpopulate the default Dashboard charts like this.

  2. Cannot Duplicate a Dashboard. We have 10 Projects that are all very similar, and they all need the exact same Dashboard layout. We need a way to apply all the same custom fields AND dashboard layouts across multiple projects at once. Manually turning on all those custom fields and manually creating all those dashboards blew about 3 hours time this morning when it could have been a 5 minute thing.

  3. Creating a simple “Number” chart is tricky when using a custom field. When you toggle your chart style to “Number”, you get no way to select precisely what custom field you want that number to be. You have to toggle the chart style back to “Column”, and set the Y-Axis to whatever custom field you want that number to represent. That option should show up underneath the “Number” toggle but it doesn’t… all you get is a “filter” option. It took me way longer to discover this than I’m willing to admit.

  4. Having a Team-Level Dashboard would be nice. Maybe here would also be a great place to put the option to make certain charts “global” across all projects in the team, which would scratch the itch of the #1 item I placed above.

Hey @Matt5 :wave: ,

Referring to no. 4, it seems to me that the Universal Reporting feature (Premium Plan required) could be what you might be looking for:

If all of the projects you want to display in the Universal Report use the same custom fields, you‘ll be able to create the Team-Level Dashboard you are looking for I think.


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At first I was like “what is he talking about” and then realised you were right. It seems like a bug to me. @Julien_RENAUD look the image below, we have a chart that sums a custom field, but the only filter applied is subtask related, nothing that says which field we are summing. @Emily_Roman seems like a serious bug to me, it did not use to be this way, should I report it?

(image upload is broken)

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Hey @Bastien_Siebman, yes please report this in the #bugs:report category so we can look into it further :slight_smile:

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OK, this does indeed seem to be what I’m looking for, and then some. Getting all the appropriate custom fields to show up is a bit tricky (we have a LOT of them and don’t necessarily have them all “turned on” on all projects) but once I figured that part out, it’s pretty simple.