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Hi there, another question for you…
Actually I have many customize field in my project, but in the dashboard just one (drop-down field) is showed. So it’s a limit of asana chart or I need to set something else in ASANA ?

Hello @Maurizio_Yorck
do you refer to custom fields showing from the project view and some only show the data when you open the task?

If so then see Custom Fields • Asana

section „Hide a Custom Field“
This way you can decide which ones you want to see on board view and which ones not :slight_smile:

Hope that helps

Thanks @Andrea_Mayer for your quickly response. I meant in the dashboard, when I create a chart.
I have just number field and drop-down field right ?
I thought I could also see activities, or other text fields with unique values, but I’m thinking that maybe I need to convert them to be able to manage them. right ?

Oh I see.
Did you look through this guide already?

Yeah so I think advanced search reports might also be helpful here?

Here is a thread that you might want to upvote: Possibility for Reports to be sorted by Custom Fields

I also think that [Asana2Go] might suit you? (Possibility for Reports to be sorted by Custom Fields - #35 by lpb)

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Hi @Maurizio_Yorck, thanks for jumping in here @Andrea_Mayer!

At this time, it is not possible to include text fields in Reporting charts. As suggested by @Andrea_Mayer, you could use an Advanced Search to collate this information instead.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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