Custom Field within a task reporting / dashboard

Hi there.
Maybe something I’ve missed or not available.
We have a project with a multiple choice custom field for tasks. About 15 options.
Dashboard is doing a good job on reporting generally, but is there a way to set up a report for one task, reporting on the multiple choice selections for that particular task?
Going a little deeper into explanation, our company has about 15 services clients can select so each task in this project is a ‘client’) and some select one service, some 12-15. It would be good to obtain a report we could provide for each client.



@Tom_Robey on what Plan of Asana are you on?
If you’re on the premium plan or above, you can use the reporting on the left-hand side. There you can specify the parameters for a project or task and create a custom reporting dashboard.

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Thanks Paul.
Had looked into this.
Unfortunately, the bit I think is missing for me is a filter by ‘task name’.
‘Task name’ for us is Client.Then I could measure the custom field. But I haven’t come across a ‘task name’ filter on reporting yet.

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Will it be possible to DM a screenshot of a use case? Then I could help with a better solution?

Hi Paul. If you could, appreciate it. I’ll DM you.

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