Add Collaborator to custom rules.

Would be great to have a Collaborator trigger in task rules.

Hi @anon3811451 what kind of trigger would you want - when a new collaborator is added or like a condition/ second trigger of if a collaborator is X

It would be nice if there is a trigger for when collaborator is added to the task. I would like to automatically add a project to a task when a certain collaborator is added to the task.
I have created specific projects unique to outside consultants that just have guest access to Asana. They can’t really see the tasks that they are collaborators on without doing a search for their name. I believe adding tasks to a project that they are members of, it allows them to more easily see all tasks that they are part of.

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Until/if this becomes available, you could consider a rule triggered by a “Do” single-select custom field with values like Add Jane and Add Joe. The action could be both to add the collaborator and do the multi-homing.



Ah! That makes perfect sense, never thought about using a custom field to do this.
thank you for the workaround.

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