Auto add collaborator to task based on who submitted a form

We are trying to come up with a workflow that adds a collaborator (beyond the form submitter) based on what user submitted a form.

For example, if employee A submits the form we want their Direct Supervisor added as a collaborator (neither the form submitter nor the direct supervisor are the assignee). If employee B submits the form, we want that employees direct supervisor added as a collaborator (different supervisor than employee A’s)

Any help or tips would be appreciated!

Welcome, @Andrew_Goldhawk,

To do this natively in Asana, you need a Business or Enterprise account so that you can use custom rules.

This will only be feasible if you have a manageable number of potential submitters because you will need to create a single-select custom field with each of their names as option values, and then one rule for each one, where the triggers are both a) task added from your form, and b) submitter custom field changed to , and the action is Add collaborator .

Add a single-select field to the form and connect it to the submitter custom field.

You may want to remove the email address form field, but then the submitter won’t get a copy of the form submission in email as confirmation; also fine to leave that, but then the submitter both has to enter their email address and pick their name from the submitter select field, a little awkward!



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