Auto-add task assigner as collaborator

I have two processes for creating work: 1) convert a task to a project from a template; 2) create subtasks via rule. Since both of these processes are automated, I think Asana “creates” all tasks/subtasks (which is slightly confusing, as tasks in templated projects technically say they’re created by the person who converted/created the project). As a result, there are no collaborators on any tasks initially (we removed all collaborators on our templates/rules since so many different people use them, don’t want to hard-code anything)

In our process, PMs perform the 2 actions above and then assign tasks out to relevant people. They would like to be added as a collaborator to all those tasks (basically, when they assign a task, they want to be a collaborator on it as well). My current thoughts are:

  1. For the second scenario, set the rule triggerer as assignee on all subtasks, which will subscribe them as a collaborator. Then, have them re-assign those tasks (since they’re already doing this manually, I don’t think it’s a huge issue).
  2. Run a rule that when a task (or subtask) is assigned, add the rule triggerer to the bottom of the task description (eg. “cc: ${triggerer}”). This does run the risk of getting super long and ugly
  3. Tell people to bulk-select new tasks and add themselves as collaborators

I don’t really love any of these options, as they’ll all create a lot of noise in our environment. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Hi @Stephen_Li, this is a really good question! I would choose workaround number 1, we do something similar in the project where we manage all product announcements. I get the tasks automatically assigned to me and I reassign them if needed.

As you said, If they need to re-assign the tasks anyway, I don’t think there will be an issue. Also having the task assign reminds people that they need to be reassigned if they are not the one who need to action the task.

I know it’s not the ideal solution but unfortunately we don’t have a better way to do this at the moment. You listed all possibilities in your post!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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