Auto-Assign Collaborators by Project Role (in Project Template)

We are currently using the Project Role function when setting up new projects. Does Asana have the ability to (or plans to have the ability to) auto-assign collaborators by Project Role as well?


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Yes have a look here

This might be also interesting


Hi Andrea,

We are currently using the Project Roles when setting up projects/templates and assigning tasks to the project role, the question actually was - can you also use Project Roles to auto-assign collaborators by project role as well?


Hi @Amber_Harmon , it is not currently possible to assign project roles as collaborators to a task within a project template, but hopefully Asana will add this in the near future.

Note that you can assign project roles to subtasks, in case that helps.

I couldn’t find an existing thread in the Product Feedback category so I’m moving this thread there so you can vote on adding this feature (scroll to the top and click the purple button in the top left).


So I am wondering what the point is of the Project Roles. I have followed the instructions and added the roles to the project template. I can even see the people assigned to the project roles when I spit out a project from the template. However, I can’t see anywhere in the template editing to actually do anything with the roles. I would like to have a rule set up that according to certain triggers, the task gets assigned to the Project Manager role, etc. But there seems to be no place to actually utilize the roles in the rules for me. In this area, I would hope one of the variable assignees would be the role name. Then this would make it much easier to standardize on templates.


Agree! This is what I have been looking for as well. I still don’t understand the point of project roles. Where are they used in a project?

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Just voting on this one as well.

We use project roles to auto assign tasks by project without having to assign people to the template or individually assign to people once the project is created using the template. Also to make it easier for people involved who might be new, to understand who the go to person is for different topics.

We often have collaborators that need to be kept informed though and would love if this feature could be added to have a variable collaborator being the project role. Thanks

Hi, we are on the Premium Asana plan. Looks like the “assigning roles” option may not be available with this plan.

That’s right, @Aline_Stapp .

Project roles are available on Asana Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Business and Legacy Enterprise.

Thank you, Richard. I appreciate you confirming.

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