Create rule trigger to assign to "Project Owner" or other project role(s).

We are a marketing agency and it would be great to be able to create project/task templates that would have fields for “Project Owner” or other roles since the tasks will stay the same but the account manager will be different.

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Have a look here:

Thanks! Any idea when this feature will be available to us?

Are there further features in the works for this? For example, I have project boards being created from an automation - converting a task to a project. When using the updated template with roles added, there is no prompt when creating the new board to assign roles. It would be great to be prompted by the conversion OR at minimum be able to add the same project roles on the overview page and the automation could run after the board has already been created.


Any update on this? It would be great to be able to use project roles in rules. I.e. if event status changes it creates a subtask assigned to [project role].


The project roles are great! When will we be able to create rules and assign those rules to a project role? (Rather than assigning rules to a specific individual). Will we also be able to assign a role as a “Form Approver”? For example, we have a template for supervisors to use with their direct reports. We’d like to assign the supervisor to be the form approver whenever a new project is created from that template. But of course, the supervisor is different depending on who is creating the project, so we’d like the template Form Approver to be assigned as a role, not a specific person. Thanks!


This would be great. I am also very much looking forward to the addition of such a feature

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Just circling back to this thread to advocate for this improvement! Would love to be able to assign a rule to a variable project role. Any chance we might see that capability in the coming months?