Create Rule to allow assignment of tasks based on project "role"

Would be nice to be able to automate to say “Assign to the person with role of “legal approver” in this project” as opposed to 1 specific human - since the person in this role may change project to project but we still want to use the same project template each time.

I like this concept! I also put in a request for a similar idea around setting a rule that would assign tasks to the project owner. That way you can create one template and have it be really flexible.
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@Marie should these be merged? :blush:

My team uses a lot of projects and we use a template to ensure that the tasks within the projects are consistent. The project owner gets assigned to all of the tasks within the project. I’d like to see an automation where when the project is created, the project owner is automatically set as the assignee for all tasks within the project. For instance “when a task is added to this project, assign to ‘Project Owner’”

In the interim, I know that I can create one template per team member so that each template can have a rule to assign to the specific person that I designate the template is for. i.e. in “Jenny’s Customer Renewal Project Template” have a rule that says “when a task added to this project assign to Jenny”

Thanks @Jenny_Claar! I’ve actually merged your post into this thread as it is slightly more general than your initial request :slight_smile:

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Works for me, thanks @Marie !

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Hey @Katherine_Monti, welcome to the forum!

I understand how you would like to be able to just have the project know who to assign the task since the project already has the role owners assigned in the overview, and I agree. In the meantime, if you’d like to try another avenue here is a workaround for this that I use.

Scenario 1
I create a custom field with generic roles, then I create a rule specific to the project so that anytime the custom field “Role” has “X” value assign the task to “PERSON”.

Scenario 2
If this this a template I still create that role field and then make mass assignments using the project filter & bulk edit.

I hope one of these will help you in the interim.

Hi @Christine_Bolton ,

Thank you for the tips. It is amazing as it works for me in the interim. Greatly appreciated from the scenario 2 that you mentioned on project Filtering and Bulk Edit

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