Rule to assign tasks by project owner

Is there a way to create a rule that will auto-assign (or re-assign) tasks based on the project owner? I have several shared project templates among my team, and it would be great if it were easier to assign all the tasks and subtasks vs. having to select and assign in chunks.

Hi @Kim_Chia, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, we currently don’t have the action in Rules to “Assign to Project Owner”. What you can do is setup a rule per project: Tasks added to the project > Assign to a specific user

I also recommend you to vote for this feature here: Set a rule in a template to assign tasks to ‘project owner’

I hope this helps!

Thanks Emily! I do have that rule enabled, but because the template comes with the tasks already created, it doesn’t assign them. Thanks for the link to the feature!


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