Ability to assign Project Roles when converting a task to a project using a template

Variables in templates for Project roles is a great feature when using a template to (manually) create a project, where we get this handy page during the project creation steps:

I am hoping this project roles selection popup will get built into other surfaces such as when converting a task into a project, either by:

  1. Convert to > Project action from the task details overflow ...
    Selecting Project Roles would be great to be included within this dialogue box which acts as a mini-project-creation process:

    (Being able to add project to a Portfolio would also be useful in this dialogue box, similar to the relative rule action dialogue box below)

  2. Rule using the ‘Create new > Project from task’ action (example below)
    It would be great if the assign project roles page that we see during the project creation stage (first screenshot above) would appear as a popup once such a rule is triggered:

The alternative solution to both the above would be to simply be able to Fill project roles after project creation perhaps from the Overview tab, as @paulminors has suggested :clap:
However, I think having the option to fill out project roles during the task-to-project conversion stage would make sure the project gets setup immediately as intended, without blank assignees.

References: :peach: B2.5 A template allows for variable assignees BUT if a task is turned into a project using a template in rules, you don’t have the opportunity to choose the roles. in Asana, show me your BUTs 🍑


cc @Arthur_BEGOU we talked about it as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Richard for pointing that out. :+1:
Yes, we identified the same pain recently.
Really a shame that the automation is downgrading that (great) feature.


Yeah… we had been trying to use a project realized we needed to break out 50 child tasks into new projects in a portfolio and were shocked to find we couldnt pick roles, or set roles after dev sooo painful

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+1 (+1000 if I could!)
We have built a fairly standardized workflow for most LOB (line of business) customer projects, so we have a manageable # of templates with a “Roles” global CF for this exact same purpose, and was very disappointed when I reviewed the “Project Roles” feature, that there’s no way to actually utilize that to automatically assign/map to tasks (each with an assigned “role” per the Global CF) either at project creation from template or even post creation…

For example, we have an “incoming projects” intake form and project for a pipeline lookahead and to start proactively assigning resources.
We then would love to let a rule, as @Richard_Sather suggested, Create new > Project from task, and utilize these assignments in the project CF’s to be mapped to the “Template Project Roles” which, in turn would auto-assign the tasks to the appropriate tasks, as configured:

This would reduce an incredible amount of time and automate our resourcing assignments.

I do love and continue to leverage & promote Asana as much as I can across the organization, however IMHO this is definitely one of the few “gaps” in Asana’s overall end-to-end workflow cycle features.

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