Fill project roles after project creation

It’s great to see Asana has added the ability to set up Project Roles in the template. However, it appears these roles have to be filled in when the project is created from the outset. It would be great if you could leave the role blank and fill it in later (maybe from the Overview page) as some roles aren’t known until later on in the project.


I would also like to see this feature. One of our Project Templates uses Project Roles, but we’ve noticed that when we convert a task into a project (using the Project Template) that it does not create the prompt to assign the project roles to a specific person.


Yes i too think this is a must as project can get started without the full team being on it (admin things can be done early) and its only later down the line that it gets decided who’s doing what (and sometimes who might be project lead!)


Yes, this would be great! Wish I could add project roles to already created projects instead of during creation! Waiting on this!

Yep - would love to have this available in Rules, so that when tasks are moving in and out of a project, they can be dynamically reassigned to project manager, etc, of the particular project.


Has there been any workaround for this? I love the project roles feature, but sometimes we need it to change after the project has begun. Please advise. Thanks

Also running into the same issue!

Anyone find a workaround to this in the meantime?

mission crititcal feature to round this out… makes the project roles feature virtually unusable for us otherwise

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The best workaround I can think of is to use Tags in the project template to denote the roles. Then, once you’ve created the live project, you can search for all tasks that contain that tag (within specific projects) and then select all tasks to bulk re-assign.


I would love this ability, My templates can be used for campaigns for many different functional role but this means that sometimes the roles will need to be updated after project creation.

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Really need this! This is a huge pain if you’re auto generating projects from the Salesforce integration.

I had the same idea when talking about converting tasks to projects

It would be really great if the project roles could remain usable after template creation. A lot of times, at the time of project creation, we don’t know who fills what role yet.

Maybe it could also be useful for re-assigning work when someone who fills multiple roles gets sick.

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