Project Templates: Auto-assign tasks based on roles?

Is there any way to define “roles” for a project template, then assign tasks within the template to that role rather than to a specific person? Then, when a new project is created from that template, you could put in the people who will be filling each role, and the tasks would be assigned to them.

For instance, on the project for “ACME Enterprises Marketing Campaign,” we might assign Robert to be the Account Manager, Amy to be the Creative Designer, and Jolene to be the SEO Consultant. But the “XYZ Company Marketing Campaign” project might have completely different people in those roles. (And if Jolene quits or gets an extended illness, etc., maybe her role in the project is reassigned to David, who would automatically get the relevant tasks at that point. And so forth.)

This seems like it ought to be possible, but I’m not seeing how to do it (or anything similar).

Any ideas?

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Have you considered adding a single select custom field with the roles and then based on the selection rules trigger assigning the task.
Instead of custom fields the trigger could also be a task in a specific column. Then the only thing you‘d have to do is amend the assignee in the rule when things change.

Another idea would be creating various templates…

Also multi-select is available now to bulk reassign tasks for example.

Now if somebody leaves once the team member is removed a project with all their tasks will be created so everything can be reassigned easily.

And if somebody is not available for some time reassigning tasks via bulk-edit is fast also.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

I have just found this existing feedback request I recommend upvoting: Create User Role for templates.

I will go ahead and merge your request into the other thread :slight_smile:

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