When converting task to project, add newly created projected into selected portfolios

When converting a task to a project, the box that pops up allows me to select which team the project should be added to.

It would be great if there was also an option here to assign the new project to specific portfolio(s).


Right now, I have to convert to project, wait for several seconds for the project to be created, then open the project and manually add to portfolio(s). This is very tedious, particularly when multiple tasks need to be converted to projects.

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Hi @Zachary_Goldman1

Welcome to the forum! This is a great idea and one that has been discussed previously on this forum. I added to posts where you can upvote as they represent what you are after.


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Thanks! Those are great suggestions–I upvoted both. The second one (automation) would indeed solve this.

I’m suggesting something that would likely be much quicker/easier to implement:
when clicking "Convert to Project’ on a task, add a single field --“Portfolios”–to the box that pops up. This way, people can (manually) assign this new project to Portfolios.

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I have the same problem with one portfolio where the converted task to project is not being added to my portfolio automatically. Its strange as it works for another portfolio. Am i missing something?