Automatically add projects to Portfolios from project template

We organize our projects by portfolios. It would be helpful to be able to have project templates automatically added to portfolios based on specific criteria (company name, department, etc.)

Thanks for your feedback, @Sara_Skowronski! This would be very helpful! I’ll let you know if I have any news about this feature in the future.


I am building a new template for my publishing team for creating reports. The template has quite a few tasks, 25 - 30. We’re creating probably ~60 projects per quarter.

Resourcing via calendar has gotten painful and I really want to start using workload. However, I am SHOOK that there seems to be no way to get a project created from a template automatically into a portfolio so we can use workload without projects being missed due to human error.

To clearly state my question: How can I have a project created from a template automatically added to a portfolio for use in workload?

I know I can auto add newly created tasks to another project automatically which could already exist in the portfolio, but I can’t build that into a template. I can also add all tasks from existing projects into a second larger project that is already in there, but still its manual and doesn’t address newly created projects.

Finally, at the scale we’re at, not being able to add projects to a template in any way other than one by one manually is frustrating.

If there are any workarounds I’m missing, I’d love to hear them, otherwise PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make the option for teamwide automation or team workloads or template automation or any improvement here.


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We have been asking about this since they removed it a few years ago!