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We’ve been on Asana for four years. I’m trying to give the team more freedom to work independently in Asana, and we uncovered a new issue. We work off a template, and each task in the template has an assignee and collaborators if needed. When someone on the team creates a new task in a project, it would be helpful if the new task would automatically add collaborators. Someone on the team made a new task, put in notes, closed the task, and it never showed in my inbox. How can this be avoided without asking the team to manually add collaborators if they have to make a new task?

Hey @Lou_Buono_Jr,

I recommend checking the Asana project notification settings to ensure you have the notification enabled for new tasks created (if you need that)

Now in order to have collaborators added automatically have a look at rules :slight_smile:


Great; thank you!

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