Task Template - automatic collaborator inconvenience

I’ve seen a few topics about this but none yet that seem to encompass my issue.

Case 1:
Since Task Templates can’t be duplicated easily within the Customize pane, I need “add new”, modify the various tasks, covert back to a template, remove myself from every single task & subtask.

Case 2:
Sometimes I want to create a task using a task template for someone else, but I don’t want to be added to every single task & subtask. I’m just doing them a favor.

Has anyone figured out a workaround for the above?

I feel like for Case 1…I could create the task using the template, then duplicate that task and uncheck Collaborators, then modify, then convert back to a template…

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Your task template include yourself as collaborator everywhere? Is this needed or can you just remove yourself?

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It does not include myself as a collaborator on the template itself. But when you use a task template you automatically become a collaborator on every task created.

I never realized, thanks! I don’t have a solution for you sorry :frowning:

Duplicating task templates in the Customize pane AND being able to use task templates in the rules pane would be AMAZING. It might be my biggest headache right now.



When you say when YOU create a task from a template you are automatically added as a collaborator, meaning if I had originally created the template but you used it you’re automatically added as a collaborator, or you mean YOU as in the person who created the task template is always added as a collaborator?

Yes - if anyone use the task template (like navigate to add new/select the template/task gets created) then that person is automatically added as a collaborator to every single task that gets created from that action.


I believe that is because in Asana if you are the task creator you are automatically added as a collaborator. The task creator would need to remove themselves as a collaborator when they create the task, just like if they created a task from scratch, if they do not want to receive updates about the task.


@Christine_Bolton that’s probably the reason but project templates don’t work this way.

Yes, this is exactly what happens but it’s really tedious. I have task templates with lots of subtasks.

I guess I am hoping there was an option to remove yourself as collaborator before the task is made — like when you duplicate a task you have the option to leave out the collaborators. Then you are only a collaborator on the parent task and not allllll the subtasks

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I totally understand the want/need for that feature. I create a lot of stuff I don’t want notifications on, too, and sometimes forget to remove myself.

In case this isn’t something that has been thought of, the fastest way to remove yourself as a collaborator in that many subtasks is by expanding the parent task and using bulk-edit to remove yourself as a collaborator (the bar that pops up at the bottom will allow you to do this). It’s an extra step but it only takes a few seconds.


I have run into this as well! I am almost always creating tasks for other people- I started added the templates to other teams projects instead so it was easier for them to add them without me.

  • super easy- just create a task using your template, add it to the other teams project that would be using it and then convert the task to a template in their project- a quick video or email telling that team how to use it helps too!

thanks for sharing this!

OH MY WORD YOU BEAUTIFUL UNICORN. This just saved me so much time – can’t believe I didn’t think of it! THANK YOU!!!

HAHA :unicorn: - My pleasure! :slight_smile:

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