Remove collaborator from Projects

I created a lot of templates for projects. Now, when those templates are used I am a collaborator on every task. How do I remove myself as a collaborator on the task level?

Hi @Chris_Roper
If you go into the template project and select all of the tasks max 50 at a time you should be able to remove yourself as a collaborator.



There needs to be a way to unfollow ALL tasks and subtasks. I don’t care to see anything in my inbox unless it is a @mention. Yes you can now filter to just @mention, but it still is super annoying to get flooded with notifications because I’m a collaborator on every single subtask.

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This doesn’t seem to help me if I created a bunch of tasks in a template and then my team used that template to make 50 or so projects based on it. Right now I’m having to go into each task and subtask and remove myself as a collaborator on each of those projects and it’s incredibly time consuming. There doesn’t seem to be a way to just remove myself from every task in a particular project without having to select them individually.