be able to remove a collaborator from a whole task hierarchy

Hi team!

Maybe the default of making the creator a collaborator everywhere is useful to some people, but it’s extremely inconvenient for me. So I’d argue either that the default be reversed, or that an option is introduced :slight_smile:

Currently, even if nobody is a collaborator on the subtasks of the template itself, if you go “Add new” → (your template), the newly created task puts you as a collaborator on the task and on every last subtask in the hierarchy. This leaves me with two options:

  1. Receiving way too many notifications about these subtasks once I pass the task to someone else; flooded like this, notifications become ineffective, and I miss things there that actually are important.
  2. I have to spend 15 minutes (per task!) clicking through the depths of the hierarchy to click “Leave task” on every subtask and sub-subtask. (Who’s going to pay for my carpel tunnel surgery? LOL)

Obviously neither of these is ideal. So either an option when you’re first creating the task, or, even better, a context menu feature to “leave this task AND ALL SUBTASKS” would make me much more productive with Asana. Without a solution like this, Asana instead becomes a distraction and a time sink, which is definitely not where I’d like to leave it!

Thanks for your time and consideration. :heavy_check_mark:

I guess I should’ve titled with my preferred solution, being able to remove a collaborator from a whole task hierarchy, but I hadn’t thought of that at the beginning. Maybe I should open a new thread for that solution, since it has wider uses than this particular problem?

Hi @Kevin_Bloch, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and updated the title on your behalf, I hope you don’t mind!

I’ll keep you updated if this is something our Product team implements in the future :slight_smile:

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