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So I love the new Task Templates feature. As the team admin, I was tasked with converting several tasks that were used as templates via the duplicate function to new Task Templates. I quickly realized that in the processes of converting those existing tasks to Task Templates, I had to remove myself as a collaborator in order to avoid being inundated with collaborator Inbox activity.

But even though I do not show as a collaborator on any of the new Task Templates, I’m still getting bombarded with notifications. It appears they are primarily coming from 2-3 particular projects, and I’ve removed myself as a member of those projects. I’ve checked the templates and I do not appear as a collaborator on the templates themselves.

Any ideas what is going on or where else to look on troubleshooting this?


He @Rick_O_Quinn welcome to the Asana Community :wave:

Are you maybe experiencing this problem? Disable notifications for tasks in Templates

Since you have removed yourself from these projects it is still happening? (You would not necessarily have to remove yourself completely but you could update the notification settings in the project as well)

@Andrea_Mayer Thanks for the quick reply… I saw that post when I was searching the forum, but my understanding was that was based on collaborators & tasks assigned in a Project Template that was used to create a new project. In my situation, this is an long-existing project that I recently added Task Templates to. The user has created a new task in the project from the +Add New button in the upper left, selecting one of the task templates I created. The final task has several subtasks, which I have painstakingly checked to make sure I’m not listed as collaborator on the task template. The info on the new task shows:
XX created this task using “Tier 1 Template” in M&C Planning Board.Yesterday at 12:12pm
XX added to M&C Planning Board.Yesterday at 12:12pm
XX added to M&C Projects.Yesterday at 12:12pm

Hm I see.

In that case I definitely recommend reaching out to Asana support as they have direct insight into your account and will be able to better assist.

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Thanks for confirming I’m not missing a quick fix to the issue. After further examination and investigation I think I have pinpointed the problem, if not the solution. The Task Template contains several subtasks, separated by 3-4 sections (Assets, Channels, Planning, etc). It appears I am being automatically added as a collaborator to the SECTIONS of each new task created from the Task Templates, and these additions are what is being reported in my Inbox activity feed. When select the section in the subtask list of the project, it does not show any collaborators, but in my Inbox feed, it clearly shows me in the Collaborators section. I then have to “Leave Task” for every section created by every Task Template.

I’ve contacted Asana support to see if there is a solution.

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