Disable notifications for tasks in Templates



Request: would love to see Inbox & email notifications disabled for changes made to Templates!

Reasoning: we have team members set as followers on every task (so they’re added as followers when a project is made from said template), but when we update the base template they’re inundated with irrelevant notifications that a task has been updated.


Agreed. This is another example of how templates need to have different behaviors compared to the objects created by replicating those templates.


Making a project from a template must not massively pollute pre-set project members and task followers emails. A single notification of the project being created is all that is needed.

We’re had to turn off new-task notifications in the template. But remembering to do this whenever the project team that will work on the template-related projects is changed on the template will undoubtedly sometimes be missed, as will remembering to re-enable new-task notifications every time a project is spawned from the template.