Disable notifications for tasks in Templates

Request: would love to see Inbox & email notifications disabled for changes made to Templates!

Reasoning: we have team members set as collaborators on every task (so they’re added as collaborators when a project is made from said template), but when we update the base template they’re inundated with irrelevant notifications that a task has been updated.


Agreed. This is another example of how templates need to have different behaviors compared to the objects created by replicating those templates.


Making a project from a template must not massively pollute pre-set project members and task collaborators emails. A single notification of the project being created is all that is needed.

We’re had to turn off new-task notifications in the template. But remembering to do this whenever the project team that will work on the template-related projects is changed on the template will undoubtedly sometimes be missed, as will remembering to re-enable new-task notifications every time a project is spawned from the template.


I assumed, maybe wrongfully so, that editing and setting up a template was working on a non-active project. I was surprised that my assignees were notified when I attached them to tasks in the template while preparing it for copying to a new project using the workflow. Am I the only one who would have assumed that templates are inactive and benign until used to create a new project?


No you are not the only one, there already is a thread about the fact that assignees see the tasks in a template. Maybe @Marie can merge the threads?


Hi @Jon_Zurfluh, welcome to the Community Forum!

This is a great question, since we already have a similar thread, I’m just going to merge this post with Disable notifications for tasks in Templates to centralize all feedback. I hope you don’t mind! Let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re not the only one; 99-100% of Asana users assume the same thing.

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Is there a way to disable the notifications for a template and to keep the tasks out of our list until the template is created as an active project? We are swimming under a sea of incomplete tasks from the templates we just created and it is overwhelming and messy-- Aicila

There are workarounds. There is a main thread on Template behavior so you might want to add your comments there. Rest assured that the whole user community is in complete agreement with you on this matter.

Can you direct me to that template thread? I was looking for it and can’t find it - Aicila

Here you go: Project Template assigned tasks show up in My Tasks automatically

I am surprised there are only 13 votes (as of now) for this topic. But … it seems like I had previously voted for this topic, but my vote wasn’t recorded here, so maybe it was another thread on the same subject?

The current template behavior is super frustrating and confusing in our company. Either you have to create a template with tasks assigned to no one, or tell everyone to please ignore everything you see from Asana in the next 30 minutes. But if you don’t assign, you make more work for yourself or someone else later when they use the project. If you tell everyone to ignore all the template tasks (all 100 or so of them, for a big project), the tasks still hang out in their My Tasks view. I told everyone to move them to ‘Later’ to get them out of view, but I’m not sure everyone knows how to do that. Plus they will migrate to Upcoming and Today eventually, which will be confusing when that happens.

Please fix this, Asana! Templates are not current projects and should not be treated as such. I can understand an optional notification for being added to a template. But I don’t see any use for template tasks showing up in My Tasks. These are not actual current/upcoming tasks!

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I found the one I had voted on (it was the same link @Stephanie_Oberg previously shared). The title of this thread is more to the point, but they both reflect the same ideas.

Agree- came here looking for a solution and am surprised that this same issue dates back to 2018. There is no need for people to get pinged for templates- it just adds confusion and unnecessarily clogs their task lists.

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I am receiving notifications for every task because I created the template. I even went back and removed myself as a collaborator on the template and it is still happening.

It is very frustrating and completely clogs up my inbox.

@Jerrica Supposedly, the recent Templates release should solve the excessive Notifications (see last posts here: @mentions of myself do not show up in my Inbox. - #4 by lpb ). I wonder if you might need to recreate your templates to get this better behavior. Maybe @lpb can clarify.

@Jerrica and @Stephanie_Oberg,

Project Templates 2 resolves the problem of assigned tasks in the template showing up in the assignees’ My Tasks; that’s fixed.

@Jerrica’s issue is perhaps related to her not removing herself as a Collaborator from every task in every project ever created in the past from the template where she was previously task Collaborator. Did you check that Jerrica? If so, can you describe more fully and/or include screenshots?



We are rolling asana out to our company and I am trying to find out a way to turn of templates notifications for collaborators so they are not bombarded by notification via email or in their Asana inbox as we are creating task templates. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!