I have a Project Notifications dilemma. How do I solve this? Project Owners DO NOT want notifications.

OK Team, this post is an edit, I solved part of my original problem but I’m left with one that I cannot figure out.

We have a Project Template. Whenever a Project is created from that Template, the person using that Template is automatically set as the Project Owner, and they have “Notifications” automatically defaulted on, for things like tasks added, messages, and status updates.

This needs to be a hard NO. These projects are going to have SO MANY things happen in them that the Project Owners are going to get paid 40 hours per week just to dismiss inbox notifications.

I know they can manually uncheck them. But is there a way to set the Project Owner (in the Template) such that they have those notification boxes unchecked? I really don’t want my team having YET ANOTHER step to have to remember to go uncheck all those notification boxes, lest they get swamped.

Hi @Matt5 ,

I don’t think we have a solution (yet) in Project Templates V2, but that will surely come.

In the meantime, did you know that now users can actually bulk deactivate project notifications for any newly created project? It’s one click once and for all, you might solve more than just “your” template issue by making them aware of that feature :slight_smile:

Also a post you might want to consider following is this one by @Bastien_Siebman; the issue you mention was also mentioned (in some form) in this post linked below.

I hope this helps while we wait for updates on Project Templates :slight_smile:


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Rosario, thanks. Yes actually I was aware of that, and it’s part of my bewilderment here because I also have noticed that these new project templates are overriding my personal setting.

Yesterday I had to go remove myself from notifications on about 30 projects. That’s time that I could have used doing stuff that actually makes money :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

:man_facepalming: I understand the perplexity.

I have also tried now to duplicate a project and its members simply, I would expect it to keep their notification settings intact, but it seems instead to reset the notification settings to “all active”, which is unexpected behaviour to me.

@Forum-team I am wondering if this is wished behaviour or rather to be considered as a bug?

Thanks for helping out here, @Rosario_Messina.

To clarify, @Matt5 - you have your default notification settings unchecked in your overall profile settings for new projects, but each time a project is created from a template where you are the owner, these default settings are not followed?

Rebecca yes that seems to be what’s happening.

Thanks for clarifying, @Matt5. I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team with the project URL and screenshots of both your project notification settings and profile notification settings. Our Support team will be able to look into this further for you as I do believe this is unexpected behaviour!

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