Create a way for a project owner to disable all email notifications to all members of a project when adding tasks

When using a duplicate project or setting up new, large projects it would be ideal if the Asana project owner could restrict email notifications in addition to the other notification settings.


Were you aware that you (as a project owner, and sometimes others too) can disable notifications for tasks added for any members by clicking Share > Manage Notifications then toggling off the right column checkboxes:

Each user’s profile image > My Settings > Notifications allows them to choose whether they will get email or not, but if you disable the tasks added notifications, there won’t be any email notifications either, regardless of their My Settings choices.



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Each user should decide to change their own personal settings. I know it does hurt clarity, but people should be properly onboarded/guided by Asana to do this…

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I was just answering the question posed and not weighing in on best practices, but I’ll respond because I’m afraid I partially disagree with you.

I agree that each user know how to do this. But I recommend that the person who creates a new entity in Asana (project, portfolio, task, etc.) set it up for success the best way they know how, just to “grease the skids” by streamlining and saving others work, and ensuring it gets done and done correctly, to the extent they know. That means valuing notification settings, respecting users’ defaults as much as possible, when you add members to a project, and adding collaborators you know are needed when you create a task.

Maybe stated that way, you agree too, @Bastien_Siebman? Or maybe not and we’ll need to make a four-hour podcast about it? :slight_smile:



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Seeing someone did not change their settings should be a trigger to tell them to do so. But past the initial warning, each person is free to apply this best practice or not. Maybe they do want to be notified about everything :slight_smile:



Now the problem I experienced is that some people are just not doing it no matter how often you show them how to fix their notifications.
I guess it really depends on the person and their strengths and weaknesses. It happened to me a few times that I actually went in and cleaned somebody’s notifications as I know this would ease their workday and allow them to better focus on tasks.

Plus a few times I spotted people enabling notifications for tons of projects just because they are nosy but I knew they definitely did not need that detailed overview on every single thing happening.
So yeah I have it as a habit to kind of review notification settings for projects now and then and communicate with relevant team members to optimize it or sometimes I just do it as I know what they need or not.

Also when creating a project when I know who needs what sort of notifications I definitely set it this way to avoid people being overburdened with notifications.

Now of course that goes along with constant reminders and explaining to people the WHY it is important to optimize the amount of notifications. Same as leaving a task if they are not needed anymore to avoid being pinged constantly.

So all in all in my opinion it should be a combination of educating people, monitoring and assisting or jumping in when required.