Setting default notifications for projects when adding users

It would be great if there was an area where a project owner could set default notifications for a project.

I do know that when adding users, there is a checkbox that lets the project owner turn off the New Tasks notification. I also understand that there is a Manage Notification area.

However, what we are looking for is an area that says, when a new user is added to this project, only check this one notification or these two notifications.

It would also be great if all the notifications were available for checking on or off at the time of adding a user. The default setting would take preference, but if there was an outlier, we can change it at the time we were adding that member.

Please let me know if any part of this is confusing. Thank you for considering this feature. :slight_smile:

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Were you aware that what you’re asking for, but for each user, is already available at the bottom of their Profile image > My settings > Notifications tab?

Your request is different, of course, but that’s related so I thought I’d mention it here in case of value to those reading.


Is there a way to set default notifications for a project when a project owner adds a user(s)?

Right now, when a project owner adds a user all three notifications are checked; status updates, messages, and tasks added.

If a project owner wants to uncheck any notifications, they must visit Manage Notifications and turn off a specific notification for a user(s) manually.

Is there a way to default the checked notifications so that maybe only one or two of the notifications are checked when adding a user to a project?

This method prevents user error due to a project owner having to manually remember to change the notifications.

It is actually not true, the default notifications are the ones the user chose in their profile. So Asana will give priority to the user choice, and then if you go to “member notifications” you can change the values manually (which you already know).

So your point is that you want a way to override the user choice from the add dialog directly?

I am curious: what’s the use case? What’s the situation where someone’s choice would not be the right one? I am asking because what I teach is:

  • you should keep status + message on, and new task off
  • very rarely a workflow requires new tasks notifications

The user would have to manually set those and this is not what we want. What I’m asking for is for the Project Owner to set these as a default when adding members to a project.

We want it set at a project level, not a user level.

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I did education the project owner yesterday about the New Task Off option when adding users. However, they were still asking if there could be a set default per project.

Most of the users we are adding, do not use Asana except to check on the ticket/task they submitted. They only need to get notifications for messages in the specific tickets they have submitted.

I think that would be just messages notification being selected.

Maybe I don’t understand the definition of Status Updates. I assumed this is the status message to say how the project is going. Yet, our projects are evergreen, think customer support tickets or IT tickets.

Our customers don’t need to get Status Updates, just messages on their specific tickets. I’m fairly new to Asana (10 months). Maybe we have this setup incorrectly for our usage.

Do you have any suggestions?

Understood. I see the value and voted.

Re Status Updates setting: When no statues are sent, the setting is meaningless so you can ignore it.

Re Messages setting: This is not tasks, this is Messages at the Project level (like chat) so you can probably safely ignore this too in most cases.


Thank you kindly for letting me know the definitions. I appreciate that. :slight_smile:

Also, Thank you for voting.

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