Limiting notifications for team members

Hi! I’m relatively new to Asana and I’ve tried to find the solution to this problem by searching the settings and FAQs to no avail. So I’m coming here for help.

Currently the members of my Project all receive every notification for every new task within that project. I want to limit it so they only receive an email or push notification if the task is actually assigned to them or if they are listed as a collaborator / tagged in a comment in some way. Is this possible? When I looked, it seemed we could only choose to have them receive all notifications…or none.

This is creating a big headache for me because I have some users who are less tech savvy so they think every single email means something is assigned to them…and then they jump in and start working on stuff that someone else is already doing. Or they send me emails asking why they’re getting this notification and what they’re supposed to do. Some of them are even forwarding their notification emails to me because they think it was mistakenly sent to them. It’s a nightmare. PLEASE help.


Welcome, @Cory_Archibald! You should be able to change the notification settings for project members, to exclude notifications of new task creation:

But also note that it’s not necessary to specify project members in the first place if your project is public to the team. When you create a project, you have the choice of public to the team or private to yourself. If you’re a Premium (paying) user, you have a third choice of private to specific members. If you choose public to the team or private to yourself, there’s no need to specify project members and no one except you will get all project-level notifications. If you choose private to specific members, the default is for all members to get all notifications unless you modify the preferences. So if you have a project that’s public to the team and you’ve specified members, you can either modify the notification preferences or remove the members.


Hi @Craig_Fifer! Thanks for responding. I did see that option in the settings, but got the impression it would disable all notifications for them, even if they were assigned the task. Is that not true? If they will still get notifications when they are assigned a task I will make that change right now!

Give it a try – task assignees and collaborators should receive notifications whether or not they’re project members.

Hi @Cory_Archibald! Checking in on your notifications question. How are things going with your team’s project notifications now?

My team and I will like to receive notifications when we are tagged ( @[name] ) in a comment.

By enabling “Activity” for the notifications to the Email, I enable a lot of other notifications. It is a bummer that I can’t just check the boxes of the ones I want…Unless I don’t know how to do that. If there is a way, please let me know.

Thank you for reading.

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would be great if i could just get a notification for when i’m tagged in a post.


Hi there,

I’m about to copy a really large project that we’re in the middle of and use it as a template for an upcoming project – including task assignees, as they will largely remain the same in the new project. If I temporarily set the notifications on the current project to “Private to Me” before copying, this should avoid sending everyone on my team 300 notifications/emails that they have upcoming tasks before I have the chance to update the due dates and work periods, correct?

After I’ve copied the project, I can just go back in and turn on the notifications in the old project and things will go back to normal, right?

Just checking before potentially flooding everyone’s inboxes…