Not all project notifications can be managed

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I am unable to set specific notification settings for some projects. This is because the list is not complete and only shows recent projects, not all projects. There seems to be no alternative way to set a project’s notifications via a specific project’s details either.

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Go to My Settings > Notifications > Project Notifications > Manage Individual Projects

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Hi @Alex_Bailey1, thanks for reaching out. You can set project-specific notifications via the project settings in each project, not your profile settings: Create project owners and manage members | Product guide • Asana

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca and thanks for your help.
I guess it may not be a bug but its certainly a usability issue.
I read the documentation in the link and that says you can change project notifications for members.
However I’m not a member of the project specifically but a member of the team that owns the project and teams do do seem to have any adjustable notification settings, only additional users do.


If you are not a member of a project, it does not show in the list, but you also don’t receive any notification about them regarding status updates, messages and new tasks. So I believe the problem is not what you believe it is. What notifications are you trying to customize?

Hi Bastien,

Thanks for your reply.

For example, I am a member of the “Account Managers” team. The projects have this team as a member but not me specifically as well. The Manage Notifications only allows for control if individuals are included as member in addition to the “Account Managers” team.

I seem to be getting notifications from updates to the project and cannot suppress for a project I don’t want notifications from because its not listed in the Recent Projects list (found under My Settings > Notifications > Manage Individual Projects) as that is not a full list of all projects I am a member of.

So should I then add myself specifically to the project as a member as well as the team. Does that then give me individual control over this project’s notifications? I should try this to test.


You are then getting notifications from tasks within the projects, because you are a collaborator on them. You can’t change those notifications, the only way to not get them is to leave the tasks (or not being added in the first place).

And to be clear: even if you were a member of the project, the project member notification settings do not cover tasks. They only cover status updates (on the project), Messages (see the tab at the top) and new tasks being added (but not notifications on things happening on those tasks afterwards).

Ah, thanks for pointing this out.

It seems that somehow I’ve been added as collaborator on every task within the projects that I have been trying remove notifications.

I don’t know if a colleague has done that deliberately or without understanding the implication.

Or maybe that happens by default to tasks if you are a specific collaborator at the project level.

At least now I can remove myself from the dozens of unnecessary notifications I’ve been getting each day, without losing the ones I do want.



… It turns out they were recurring daily routines that staff check off every day.

Even though I was removing myself as task collaborator via the notification in my Inbox, I was still getting added back in as collaborator when the recurring task regenerated.

It seems you have to go to the task on the project and make sure you’re removed on that.



If you are mentioned once in a recurring task, you’ll be automatically added as collaborators on the next ocurences. This is a know “bug”. Is that what happened?

Yes I guess that’s what has happened and it just made for extra confusion as I was trying to solve it as a projects notification settings issue J

Thanks again,


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