🏄‍♂️ You should not be notified about things you don’t care about

One of the biggest issue I see in people’s Asana is the number of notifications. Usually, within a few weeks, everyone at the organization is buried under notifications. And they quickly conclude that Asana is not the right tool.

It is actually wrong. It is up to each user to decide what they want to be notified about. You should not be notified about things you don’t care about. And I have two specific examples in mind.

🏄‍♂️ The first wave of notifications usually comes from tasks being added to projects you are a member of. Because, when inviting someone on a project, Asana by default checks the box to notify of new tasks. Go to your Profil Settings > Notifications > bottom of the page > Manage Individual Projects. There you’ll see all projects you are being notified by. Also from the Inbox itself, those notifications have a black bell you can click to disable notifications.

:surfing_woman: The second wave of notifications comes from discussions you were a part of once but no longer wish to follow. We are not in the email chain world anymore! In Asana, you can leave the conversation! Just remove yourself as a collaborator and voilà, you have fewer notifications right away. You can also post a comment saying « I am leaving the conversation, for now, don’t hesitate to bring me back ».

Any other wave of notifications I forgot?

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Thank you for this article! My issue with Asana notifications is that I don’t want to receive any sort of email updates, except for project status updates. I don’t think there currently is an option to set this up in that way?


Yes indeed I believe you can’t have that level of details regarding emails versus the rest.

I did not know this was here!

Super helpful – will certainly share with our team.

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