Excessive Notifications? Or is it just me?

We use ASANA as a Project Management tool for both internal and external visibility. (Ex. Company Executives, Customers, Sales, Support, etc.) The aim was to allow consumers of this tool to have a real-time view of the project, tasks, responsibilities, and dates
The notifications in ASANA as they function today are adversely affecting how we can efficiently achieve the goals that I stated above. Why? Well, the simple answer is that it sends too many notifications on one event (when all that is needed is one notification that includes all the information).
This is driving work outside of Asana, we hoped that using this tool would limit our need to send meetings and status updates via email to our customers. The fact that ASANA has become an additional tool and has not replaced/limited any of our tools is creating a roadblock in adoption for both internal and external users.?
What we are currently doing to mitigate this issue as a poor workaround is to instruct users to turn off notifications and to periodically check into ASANA to review meeting minutes, tasks, status, etc. This is taking away the real-time feel.
A new task should ideally there should be one notification when it is set up with a Description, Attachment, and comments.

As opposed to multiple notifications on the task that notify that an element has been added or updated. Possibly give the Project owner an “UPDATE NOW” button as a means of limiting the excessive notifications?
Our customers are not excited about collaboration through this tool because of the excessive notifications.

@Chris_Songe1 It is just you :slight_smile:

So, notifications. A big topic on any platform, and one of the first things I address during training. So, no, not just you.

  1. Manage notifications under My Settings for email forwarding and Tasks added (usually, only the project owner needs to be notified of tasks added)
  2. Be sure you are not a collaborator on tasks you are not directly collaborating on (this includes templates. If you create a template and its tasks, you are a collab on all the tasks. Remove yourself using the multi-select → Add collaborators.
  3. be sure project owners are submitting project statuses weekly to keep everyone up to date.

Asana will group some notices together for a single task in your Asana Inbox.

If the above does not address your needs, please give me an example. Perhaps a screenshot?


From my experience, people experiencing issues with notification in Asana are not using the tool properly (not your fault, just a fact :slight_smile: )

This might help 🏄‍♂️ You should not be notified about things you don’t care about


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