Too many email notifications!

Hi everybody,
sorry i am new in this community.
I would like to ask you how to manage email-notifications.
I have red the guide here ( but it continue to arrive me 12 e-mail if someone reply by e-mail to one task or mark a task completed (as you can see on the image attached)
have you any advices for me? because i don’t want to turn off all e-mails but i wold like that it arrives only one mail for each thing.
Do you belive is it possible?


Hi there @Michela :blush: Welcome to the Community Forum!

Thank you so much for posting your inquiry here, I’m happy to help.

First and foremost please note that it’s not possible to receive one email for each “thing/task”, if your email notifications are turned on for that specific category you will receive an email notification every time there’s an update to that task.

To turn off email from Asana all together, you can take these steps:

Or if you’d like to get less email from Asana, you may want to review your general email notifications settings and uncheck the types of notifications you don’t need to receive via email:

Note that you can also turn off new task creation notifications for yourself and others in each project (there’s no overall global setting for this, however):

Overall, a user’s own preferences will override individual project preferences for email notifications.

Hope that helps. Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with :slight_smile:


Also, I would like to add the following details as they might be useful in deciding whether you want to continue to use Email notifications or “Inbox” to stay up to date.

To stay informed on activity in Asana, you can receive email notifications or use Inbox.

There are two types of email notifications:

  • Reminders

  • Activity


We will send out reminder emails as your assigned tasks approach and pass their due date.

In order to receive a task reminder notification, all three of the following must be true:

  • The task is incomplete

  • The task is assigned to you

  • The task has a due date

Only the task assignee will receive reminder email notifications; task collaborators will not receive reminder emails.


You will receive an email notification for the following activities:

  • A task is assigned to you

  • A task is unassigned from you

  • A task assigned to you has its due date changed

  • You have been @mentioned in a task and added as a collaborator

  • A task you are following has new attachments

  • A task you are following has new comments

  • A task you are following is marked complete

  • A task you are following is given a Like

  • Your comment is liked

  • Your attachment is liked

  • Your task completion is liked

  • A Conversation is started in a team or a project you’re a member of

  • A comment is posted in a Conversation you’re following

  • A project you are a member of has new tasks

  • There is a new status for a project you’re a member of

  • The status of a task you’ve been waiting on has been changed

Please note that activity notifications are only sent out for actions and changes performed by others; you will not receive a notification for actions you perform yourself.


You should definitely consider using the Asana Inbox :slight_smile: and keep Asana opened all day with tools like


@Bastien_Siebman Fluid app doesn’t have native notifications, right?

What kind of notifications? Asana does not have notifications yet, like browser notifications (unless it changed :thinking:) so no you won’t get notifications.

@Bastien_Siebman and @German_Dotta,

In My Profile Settings > Notifications you’ll find:



Thanks for correcting me. I completely missed that one. I hate browser notifications that’s why ^^

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@lpb and @Bastien_Siebman

Thanks for your comments.
But I mean native notifications from Fluid app. I have tried Uniter, Nativifier, Automator and Flotato, and none have native notifications, with this I say to skip the notification and show it to me in the app window. The only thing I could achieve this is with the Chrome Apps, but I have stopped using Chrome for performance reasons.

I also hate web notifications as they don’t work well either, I have the Asana window open, I click the notification and it opens a new window: S

I hate notifications in general. Very bad for productivity!