How to limit notifications

Hello. I am wondering if there is a way to only receive notifications when there is a comment or a task is assigned to you:

  • A task is is assigned to you
  • A task you are following has new comments
  • A Conversation is started in a team or a project you’re a member of
  • A comment is posted in a Conversation you’re following

Hi @Liz_B, Asana doesn’t have that level of granularity. You either sign up for email activity updates (and all that includes), or not. This guide has a list of them all:

There have been requests to improve the ability to pick and choose in the Product Feedback board. Here’s one you can look over and vote on, but there might be some others:


Like so many other asana questions, the answer is to develop your own workaround.
I prevent email notification overload via my email system (gmail in this case, but Outlook and other mail tools have similar capabilities). I set up rules to shunt asana notifications into a separate folder, which I check periodically, or whenever I see that numerous reminders have built up. It’s less burdensome than constantly seeing my inbox being filled. I practice “inbox zero” according to the Linenberger method and so the inbox is a waystation only…the expectation is to leave it empty at the end of every day.


Thank you. Is there an Admin functionality to set the notifications as a default for the whole team? Or can notifications only be controlled by individual members only?