Set email notifications for comments off by default

the idea that email notifications must be sent to everyone assigned to a particular task everytime anyone assigned to that task comments is one of the worst b2b software decisions i’ve ever seen and the obstinance of asana support over this issue going back to at least 2018 is insane.

maybe in the ideal use cases envisioned by the conceptual architects of the software this made perfect sense, in 80% of irl use cases this is a terrible feature that should be off BY DEFAULT. it is not an exaggeration at all to say that this breaks asana for most offices and makes it unusable for its intended purpose. you update software to work with people, not update people to work with software, this has been taught in every design 101 course since the 1950s but the asana dev team still hasn’t gotten the messsage?

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You seem pretty angry about it. If I understand correctly you don’t agree with “collaborators” being notified about what’s happening on a task? That’s the way the tool has been set up and it makes perfect sense to me: just be a collaborator on things you need to be notified about. Otherwise don’t be a collaborator…

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Tom_Jordan! It looks like you currently have Activity updates email notifications enabled, if so, you will receive notifications for actions taken on the task, including comments. You can manage your email notifications in your profile settings and limit to only receive a daily summary or a weekly report.

You can also set default settings for all project notifications from your profile settings:

Although we don’t have immediate plans to change the way notifications work in Asana, we will consider your feedback for future improvements. Thanks again