Email notifications for ONLY tasks you have been tagged in

Can there be a feature added where we can select to only receive email notifications on task we have been tagged in (and that’s it)? Right now we get emails for everything and the email notifications are still the easiest to review items over the inbox on Asana.

I don’t want emails regarding all updates to the task I’m automatically following. Just when I’ve been tagged.

I agree! This would be so helpful

Most of us have a lot more filtering capability in our email inboxes (be it gmail or other) than Asana email notifications have. I would recommend creating email rules to shunt any notifications of unwanted types so they never hit your inbox (or linger there for just milliseconds). The notifications have predictable wording so this should not be too hard. An example in gmail:


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Yes! I vote for this to happen!


It would be helpful to separate the “Activity Updates” checkbox in Notifications, into: 1: New tasks assigned to you and @mentions; and 2: Notifications for tasks you’re a collaborator on. That way, I can choose to silence the activities that others are doing on a project that I am a part of.

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