Notifications - Argh!!

I get an email literally every single task I’m a collaborator on + if I’m not a collaborator and then am tagged I get emails for all of those too. I DO want an email if someone assigns me a task - but I want to mute comments from a certain project. How can we fix this? It’s clogging up my email inbox so much…:confused:

This is really a good question. Can we have an option to choose only what we want to be notified of? Like a checkbox or something, I even get notified if one of my teammate liked my comment and it’s tagged as important in my gmail.

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Most of us have a lot more filtering capability in our email inboxes (be it gmail or other) than Asana email notifications have. I would recommend creating email rules to shunt any notifications of unwanted types so they never hit your inbox (or linger there for just milliseconds). The notifications have predictable wording so this should not be too hard. An example in gmail:



I think the big problem comes from this table. You have to select which notifications you want on each individual project. De-select the “tasks added” box and that will get rid of a lot of spam. You can even uncheck all of those boxes and you will still get emails when tasks are assigned to you etc.

This is great - but does this pertain to email notifications or platform
notifications or both? I don’t mind notifications in the platform for
instance, I just don’t want to receive email for this particular project…

I think those pertain just to email notifications for a particular project, and should be exactly what you are looking for.