Email Notification for Task Assignments



Our users want to receive email notification only of tasks that they have been newly assigned to. “All Activity” is too much email notification and “Task Reminders” doesn’t send immediate notification of task assignment. Is there a way to set up automatic email notification of newly assigned tasks?


Hi Jackie,

We’ll be happy to help! We have a few different options for you. First, I suggest you explore these Community conversations about email notifications

Next, here are Guide resources on email notifications

Last, if the above doesn’t provide you with the solution you need, you could also set up an integration using a tool like Zapier, which only triggers an email notification when a task is assigned to the individual.

Please let us know if any of these work for you or if you need more help! Thanks.



Are you only notified if someone else creates a task and assigns it to you? Whenever I create a task for myself, it appears on my “My Tasks” view on my homepage, but I’m not notified via email. Also, my colleague assigned a task to me the same day it was due, and I received a notification that she assigned me to a task, but never received a notification once the was actually due. Am I missing something?


I am experiencing the same issue.


The way you have setup notifications is really stupid guys. Why would followers of a task not be notified when the task is approaching the due date?

Why are the notification settings for assigned tasks so ambiguous? It should take you to the assigned task that you were emailed about. It really should be a lot simpler.

Are you relying on automation tools like zapier to achieve meaningful and useful notifications? Why is that not made obvious from the settings menu? Why is there no settings menu in the app?

Many questions and more my fellow keyboard warriors. There needs to be more thought put into this platform. A lot more.


Now I have to setup zapier notifs and then tell everyone to turn off their notifications in their personal menus = S-T-U-P-I-D