Not Receiving Email Notifications


I’m not receiving any email notifications via my Asana inbox, or my Outlook email client. I have the following settings in my Asana account:

Profile Settings -> Email notifications -> Email (my work email, used to login to Asana)
Profile Settings -> Email notifications -> Activity updates (enabled)
Inbox -> Email notifications (on)

Can someone please help?

Thank you.

Hi @Eric_Weisbrot and apologies for the delay in responding to you!

That does sound strange. So if someone in your team assigns you a task, you’re not receiving any notification either in your inbox or on your email address, is that correct?

Could you please test the above and send me screenshots of the assigned task + what you’re seeing in your Asana Inbox?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hey Marie,

I’m currently the only person assigned to the project in question. Is there a way to receive notifications in this case? E.g. task due.

Yes, you should receive notifications in the following scenario:

Interesting…I’m not getting any email notifications when tasks are changed. Should I give you my account info so you can take a look?

I believe that notifications are not generated in circumstances where you yourself take action. Perhaps that’s what’s going on in your case.

See this for a somewhat similar situation:

When one tries to use Asana for one’s own work, this really creates a a problem. We’re hoping that Asana will remind/notify us, but Asana is impeding this: It would work for another actor taking the action, but not ourselves. It’s also not clearly documented when such notifications are prevented which adds to the frustration. It’s true that some cases might be superfluous and should be filtered out, but not all of them. This is another example of a behavior that should be up to the Asana user to choose, I feel.


Yes, I believe that’s that happening.

Is there any workaround for this, or will I just have to ensure I remember to open Asana and check my tasks manually each day?

I don’t know of any workaround for getting notifications, but my workflow is not to rely on notifications for things like this, but it does rely on checking My Tasks, so you’d have to do that (perhaps even just leave a browser tab open dedicated to it).

Then including Task Auto Promotion described there provides an alternate way to notifications to keep aware of things.

Hope that helps a bit (if you weren’t already doing this.)

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I am also not receiving email notifications. I was, but all of the sudden this has stopped. I checked all of my settings in Asana and checked that the notifications aren’t going to junk mail. I did not assign these tasks to myself. I did get emails when they were assigned to me but I am not get any update or reminder emails any longer.

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Hi @Shannon_Anderson,

Let’s see if we can resolve this issue together. If I get this right: you used to receive notifications when tasks you’re following were modified (ex: due date was changed/task was assigned to a different assignee), but you aren’t receiving these anymore. Is that correct?

Can you please share your notification settings for your Organization? Here is how you can access them (Make sure to block out any private information); many thanks!

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I did get an email this morning with my upcoming tasks that are due. If I continue to have issues, I will
come back to this email and give you the info you requested. Thank you very much!


Great news, thanks for keeping me posted @Shannon_Anderson :slight_smile:

I am having the same problem as Shannon. I used to always get the email notifications in my outlook. But now I am only getting some and I can’t figure out why. My coworkers have tagged me in jobs and I haven’t received notifications in my outlook I checked my notification settings and they appear to be fine. Maybe someone can assist in this mystery.

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I am currently experiencing this issue. I checked the email settings on the project and all involved should be receiving an email when a new task is created. This is important for us as we need to be notified when the form has been submitted. I have the default assignee on the form as an email distribution list. It worked when I set it and stopped. I added each person individually and the individuals are not receiving emails.

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Hi I am facing the same issue as well. I used to be able to receive email notifications of all activities of the tasks I follow or was assigned to. I don’t receive them now. My email notification setting under My Profile Settings did not change.

This is very disruptive to my work flow as I check emails to keep up with the tasks. Help!

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Hi @Marie any updates on this? Others are facing similar issues. Your help is much appreciated!

HI @Ee_One_Lim and thanks for mentioning me here.

These issues are user-specific, we don’t currently have any disruption with email notifications, so if you’re still experiencing this issue, I would recommend reaching out to our support team and provide them with the following information:

Our support team will be able to look into the logs for your account and help you resolve this issue!