How do I get Asana to send me notifications through my work email?

How do I start to receive emails form Asana?

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Are logging in Asana using your work email? Did you check your profile settings in Asana? Aren’t you receiving them in your spam folder already?

Hi @Melanie_Guines,

If you haven’t yet, you can enable email notifications following these steps:

Hope this helps, but let us know if you have any follow-up questions!

I checked and my settings are on and still nothing.

Nothing in my spam folder either.

I’ve also spoke with my IT department and they said they didn’t see anything come through from Asana.

Thanks @Melanie_Guines, in order to investigate this further, could you send us a screenshot of your email notification settings? (make sure to hide your email address!).

Also, it’s important to know that you will not receive notifications for actions you take yourself. For example, if you follow a task that your colleague marks complete, you will receive a notification. But if you mark this task complete yourself, you will not receive an email notification. You can learn more about this in

Sure, please see the attached. However I am suppose to receive an email when something is coming due, correct?

Yes, in your daily summaries, you will be notified of tasks due soon (within the next 5 days) as well as tasks Recently assigned that need to be prioritised. More info in this handy article from our guide:

So to run a test, assign yourself a “test task” for Friday and you should see it tomorrow in your daily summary.

If you don’t find this email in your inbox tomorrow, please send me the URL of your test task and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

Perfect! Will do, thank you so much.

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Ok, I still haven’t received anything via email from asana. Here is the “test task” link:

Hi Melanie,

I just took a look into this and I can see that you successfully received your daily update this morning (which includes your test task). Can you confirm that you’ve found it in your mail box? It is called " Your Thursday update -" and was sent at 11.05am (GMT).

So just spoke with my IT team again and they found all the messages from Asana in their spam blocker. They believe they have fixed the issue. Is there a way for me to send myself a test email today?


Great news! Thanks for keeping us posted! Providing you’ve tasks assigned to you within the next 5 days, you should be receiving your daily update tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

Great news!! I received an email from Asana! Feeling more organized already! Thank you for all of your support!


Yay! So glad we worked this out together! Thanks for keeping us in the loop :slight_smile:

The is the perfect time for me to tell you that you should disable emails and use the Asana Inbox :slight_smile: :grimacing: