Not Receiving Comment Notifications By Email


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: After using Asana successfully since September, I now am sporadically not receiving email notifications from other team members, even when I am @-mentioned in the comment and/or following a task. It does not appear to be consistent - I receive (or not) email notifications from the same person on the same task inconsistently, and receive (or not) email notifications from the same person on different tasks that are posted around the same time inconsistently. All notifications do appear in my Asana inbox. This has been going on for a little over a month. The notifications are not in my spam or trash folders.

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Hey @Lisa_Young, I am sorry to hear that you are having troubles with receiving email notifications.

Generally speaking, you will only receive email notifications for actions and changes performed by others; you will not receive a notification for actions you perform yourself.

This seems to be the case here, so in order to troubleshoot this could you please answer the following questions for me:

  • Does this issue occur on one specific Task or multiple different Tasks?
  • Do you receive some notifications on this/these Tasks or none?
  • Are you a Follower of this/these Tasks?

Again, sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with this. Let’s work on resolving this together :muscle:


Hi Edda, Thank you for responding. I will answer your questions and add some information that I hope will be helpful.

When I do not receive email notifications:

  1. I am a follower of the task.
  2. The comment is posted by another team member, not by me.
  3. I have been @-mentioned in the comment.
  4. Sometimes I had previously received email notifications on the task from that team member.
  5. It has happened on multiple tasks, and with at least two of my team members.

Unfortunately, I do not think you have yet identified the cause :frowning: . Hopefully this information will help. Thank you for working with me to resolve it!


Hey @Lisa_Young, sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this!

In this case, I think it would be most helpful for us to be able to check on specific Tasks that are affected by this issue. Would you please be so kind as to contact our Support Team.

Please provide them with the URL to this thread so they know exactly what the issue is as well as a Task URL for a Task on which you should have received an email notification but did not. With these details, our Support Team will be able to more closely investigate the affected Task(s) and hopefully provide you with a quick solution.

I am sorry that I am unable to assist further here, if you do have any follow up questions please feel free to get back to me either on this thread for my @mentioning me in the future should you ever need anything else!