How do I contact support



I am having support issues that are listed on the Asana website. Does anyone know how I can talk to live person?

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Hi @Ryan_Thoams! You should be able to reach out to our support team following the steps in this form:


I’m having the same problem - when I click on the link to support, I can’t see anywhere to fill in a form to get specific help. It’s all generic ‘FAQ’ and ‘how to’ information. How can I contact the support team?


Ditto, form is either missing or hidden. Very difficult to find. Quite frustrating for a paid for product, actually.


I am also looking to contact support either by phone or email. Where can I go to find this information? The Support page only displays FAQs and how-to articles.


I was able to locate an email address for the support team - Hope this helps!

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So sorry for the trouble @Doug_Lacombe. You should be able to reach out to the support team following these steps:

  1. Access
  2. Select “I’m having trouble with”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Let’s chat”

Hope this helps!

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Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business
Introducing Portfolios: The mission control center for everything you need to track in your business

Thank goodness, finally the state secret is revealed! I appreciate your reply.

Here’s a screencast of my frustration so you can tell your product team exactly why this is bad IA/UI.




Thanks for following up and sharing this very handy screencast @Doug_Lacombe. My apologies for the trouble reaching out to our support team; I can definitely appreciate the frustration and will make sure to surface this with our Team so we can see how to improve this process in the future. For the time being, I’d recommend following the path I’ve outlined above (Access > Select “I’m having a problem with” > Scroll down and click on “Let’s talk”).

In regards to the Asana add-on in Gmail: It is possible to associate an email with a “New Task” but not to an existing task. The “Search task” function, will only allow you to comment or mark complete a task existing in Asana, directly from your Gmail Inbox. So you’re not missing anything there, adding an email to an existing task is just not possible at the moment. I would recommend you to create a different post specific to this issue in the #productfeedback so other members can vote for it.

My apologies that I can’t be of greater assistance, but I hope this helps clarify the matter. In the meantime if you have any questions, or if there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know!


I have been trying to get a single issue resolved FOR OVER A MONTH. I’ve been told it’s impossible for a person to call me so now I just have to explain my issue over and over again to new support staff. No one has made sure my issue has ever been resolved. I’m just given instructions that don’t work and then have to file a new complaint again and again and again…I paid a lot of money for services I can’t event use. SOOOOOOO frustrated and ready for a refund at this point.


Hi Marie, I’m getting so frustrated with the lack of support. All I want to do is upgrade my entire team but before I do that I need to take a single user off so I don’t get bumped up to a larger premium package. I really feel like the upgrade process was confusing. I only need half of my team to use these upgraded features so I upgraded just those people. I was able to just upgrade those individuals and pay without issue. However, after the transaction for the upgrade went through I started to constantly get notifications saying that I need to upgrade more users (the rest of my team that don’t need these abilities?)…It also appears I can’t use any of the premium services I’ve already paid for. You’re probably the 7th or 8th person I’ve tried to get help from at this point. I don’t understand why this has become such a painful and frustrating process. My issue could have probably been resolved in a 5-10 minute phone call over a month ago…Please HELP so my organization can actually use the products we’ve paid for. This is really holding us up and I need help asap. Thank you.


I also don’t see the option to contact support over the past couple months. I’ve tried from inside the Web and iOS apps and I don’t see the form anymore. It looks like it’s been removed.


Hey there,

We changed the domain of our business. How can I contact to asana support to ask the change of it?



This link is so worthless. Why does Asana make it so difficult to contact them?!


This does not appear to work. Alternate methods?


HI @Bill_Carroll! Can you give me a little more details? Did you fill the contact form but haven’t received a reply yet?


Hello! We recently upgraded to Asana Premium, and I’ve been having troubles inviting new members to join our team. I’ve tried to locate the contact information for the support team, but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it! Is there an easy location for the premium technical support contact info (and maybe I’m completely missing it because it’s the end of the day?) Help! I have a new team member and I’m so excited to share Asana with him, but he’s not receiving any of the team invitations!


While logged into Asana, choose “Contact Support” from the Help menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Thank you @Craig_Fifer - I had tried that but it just kept looping me to a different page…I’ve just tried emailing our sales rep, hopefully she can help me get to the right place :slight_smile:


Hi @Abby! Hope you’ve been able to find the information you need via your sales rep. This is the link to the Support form for future reference. While this sounds like a pretty specific issue that requires support help, for future questions I encourage you to come to the Community! We’ll be delighted to help. :slight_smile: