Not being notified by e-mail when new tasks are added to the project

I’m helping someone could assist me with something. I am using a form to send data to a Project. The task is properly created as it should be. What is not happening is team members on that project are not being notified of the new task via e-mail. I’ve checked the e-mail settings and they are selected to Activity Updates and Daily Summaries for the user. Under the Project itself, notifications do go out when the task is assigned…it’s just no email notifications during creation. What I did notice, however, is the messages are received in the Asana In-box but not via regular e-mail.

Hi @Taylor_Pyles, thanks for reaching out! If the project members have their activity updates notifications enabled, they should receive email notifications when new tasks are added to the project. In order to investigate this further, I recommend you to contact our support team and send them a task that was added to the project and you didn’t receive an email notification. You can contact them following the steps in this post: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope the issue is solved soon! Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Hi Taylor, I had a similar issue, support told me that
“I’ve just received an update from our engineering team and I was informed it’s currently working as expected. I’d like to mention that the section “Tasks you’ve assigned to others” will only display tasks that are due -3 to +5 days from when the notification was generated. However, thanks for sharing your feedback about this, so our product team can take your comments in consideration in our future updates.”

So it kind of works, but not as well as I needed…

Tim (and Emily), Thank You for the updates. Is there a way to automatically set a due date in Tasks when they come in via e-mail? I need for our team members to be alerted when a new entry is made via e-mail.