Option to turn off email notifications for others when creating project tasks

I am creating hundreds of project tasks and subtasks as I am mapping out a project plan for the rest of the year. My team members are getting hundreds of email notifications because it alerts them for each task assigned to them. They don’t want to turn email notifications off, because they are important the rest of the time. It would be great if I could check a box when creating a project that turned off the alerts temporarily.


Hi @Barbara_Zerbe - you can ensure that your teammates aren’t notified when you add tasks to a project via project member settings. :slight_smile:


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Thanks! I was looking around and couldn’t find that. Very useful.


Hey @Barbara_Zerbe — If you’re assigning the team lots of tasks as you’re building things out, I’d have them temporarily turn off email notifications (via their Inbox tab at top) and then turn them back on once you give the green light :slight_smile:

@Alexis’ recommendation to adjust project member notification settings is definitely clutch, but the team will still get notified on tasks assigned to them, so a quick “off” may be a good move while you build things out.


Thanks Shannon. Your post is really what my problem is and I’m glad I didn’t tell everyone I had a solution. Having people turn off their notifications is o.k., but there are so many other projects that they do need notifications for. We all work in different time zones, and sometimes it takes me days to really finish building a project out. For example, I’m on day 3 of working on a project now and my other team members couldn’t go that long without receiving notifications.


Hey Barbara! I would recommend a solution that I outlined previously here:


Hey @Barbara_Zerbe . I am in the same position that you are in. I am attempting to add projects to Asana but my team is getting over run with emails as I assign tasks. I used the method of telling everyone to turn off the notifications but that isn’t an ideal solution in the long run as we are currently working on projects and creating new ones. I wish there was a way to just to mute all notifications while projects are being created.


This is a huge problem for my team and my clients. We should be able to default to NONE of these check boxes, so that a user is only receiving the relevant info when they are assigned a task, or mentioned in a task directly. The beauty of the tagging system is relevance, but it is de-valued when we send them notices anyway.


I tried this solution - but it still sent out all the emails for each of those tasks. First it sent the invite emails – and then immediately afterwards, it sent out an email for every single task assigned to them.

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Oh wow, well that’s a nightmare! I’m sorry, I obviously hadn’t done it myself, but thought for sure it wouldn’t spam them and would instead send an ‘activity summary’ type of email that asana does when lots of things happen at once.

I guess…at least they all went out at once, so it’s easy to delete them all? =\

It would be great my team members can receive an email at the end of the day instead of getting spammed by every change i am making. Big team bigger problem of getting spammed. huh!


@Ramandeep_Singh there’s an easy fix! All your team needs to do is change their notification settings. https://asana.com/guide/help/email/email-from-asana

That may be an OK solution for teams. But when you’re using Asana with clients (especially with clients that aren’t familiar with Asana), that’s just another extra, unnecessary onboarding step. It would be better if we can disable those notifications when we first setup the project (or temporarily turn them off when when we’re are first adding them to all their tasks for the project).


Feel free to create a post in the product feedback category with your idea :slight_smile:

Anyone know if this is possible yet? I just accidentally spammed a new client with a bajillion emails not knowing it was going to send them a notification for every single task I assigned them.

Is this possible yet? I just accidentally spammed a new client with a bajillion emails not knowing it was going to send them a notification for every single task I assigned them.

I am having the same problem. There seems no good way to avoid getting lots of emails when assigning a project. There is also no good way to filter what emails you get in general. The three options don’t let you prioritize some actions over others. It would be great if there were a priority email option that allows more control so you can see only due date changes for example. I am going to try to set up some specific filters in my email but that is a clunky solution. Asana is mean to improve work flow but the email options are next to useless and make more clutter and work.

I agree,
Email notifications should only be for conversations and maybe Status Updates. Team gets too many emails on too many things. Inbox on Asana gets bombarded with all sorts of remiders

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Complaints of my team lead me to this thread. My efforts to save them from an email bombardement haven’t worked out. I’m now recommending them to turn of the activity updates in their profile but this is far from ideal because some status updates are useful to be notified about. I agree with @Emily_Johnson. It would be great if Asana would add the possibility to filter the status updates so we can all choose what status updates we want to receive and which ones we don’t. Also a project manager should be able to (temporarily) turn of notifications. I hope Asana will fix this soon. Is it already on their radar?

Still nothing on this?? I’m having the same problem now. I have a consultant who I am assigning tasks to, and holding conversations. I forwarded an email to Asana (consultant not assigned) and the consultant got a copy of the email as a notification!! Why are notifications sent if they are not tagged??