Turn off notifications for the assignees as the project administrator

When setting up an project, the only way for our team members to not be flooded with emails is to turn off all their notifications and turn it back on after I give them the go ahead. However, if there are other projects that are running for which they need these email notifications, the “turn it all off” workaround is not helpful. They are also notified the instant a change is made.

Can a feature be added where the project administrator can turn off notifications to everyone on the project? Can there be a setting where we have a 30-second to 2-minute delay before a notification is sent off (kind of like an email outbox delay) in case I’m not done updating the task.

Do you mean the notifications about a task being assigned to them?
A workaround would be to assign the task as the last step in the process…

Correct re: notifications about a task being assigned to them.

I do assign the task as the last step, but when assigning a few hundred tasks+ at once, that takes some time and some team members who have multiple tasks are still dealing with dozens of emails randomly pinging and burying other emails while assignments are still being doled out.