Advanced Email Notification Settings (per project, urgency level etc)

As an Asana user, I want to be able to have advanced email notification settings that give me better control of the frequency I receive updates about different projects and tasks.

Not every project that I follow or am involved in is equal on my priority list. I want to make sure that I get instant updates on some projects/tasks, and only daily/weekly/monthly updates on others.

Currently, I can only choose a global email notification setting, which means that high prio updates get lost in a pile of low prio updates.

I’ve just flooded a colleague’s inbox by uploading 23 attachments to a task assigned to them. Perhaps this could be consolidated into one alert once all attachments are uploaded.

I’d really like to be able to select more options for what notifications I receive emails about. Preferably just @ mentions and new assignments. I receive way too many emails for when something is added to or changed in our projects.

We’re having the same issue. Clients have started to refuse to use the platform because they’re bombarded by emails that don’t have anything to do with the specific tasks they were assigned.

The problem, as we see it, is that if we remove the client from the project and only add them at the task level, they don’t know/can’t see what’s going on with the rest of the project. But if they are added at the project level, they receive emails every time Joe, Bob, or Sue completes one of their tasks.

We are firm believers in task dependencies and automation using the rules. What we’d really like to see is an option where the client (or any staff member) was only sent an email notification when the preceding tasks were finished and their task was ready to be started.

Perhaps instead of Activity Updates (which includes “New tasks assigned to you, @mentions, and completion notifications for tasks you’re a collaborator on”), breaking them into individual settings:

  • New Tasks Assigned to You
  • Assigned Task No Longer Waiting
  • @Mentions
  • Project Notifications