Batch notifications summary during high activity

I like getting notifications in Asana when there are changes. But I get so many emails from Asana, I can’t digest them.

For example, when new projects are added, I get a flurry of emails depending on the size and scope of the project.

I’d really like a feature that batched notifications in set intervals (15m, 30m, or 1h even). That way, when there’s a lot of activity in Asana, I get a timely email with a summary like,
23 new project updates in the last hour
-Task 1
-Task 2
-Task 3

and not twenty-three individual emails like I’m Harry Potter getting his Hogwarts letters.

Hello @Eric11 welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

In general I‘d say it is usually better to disable the Asana email notifications, as there can be quite a lot, and using the Asana inbox instead.

Now in terms of more options for the email notifications I have found these existing feedback request threads that you might be interested in upvoting:

Also not sure if you are aware you can snooze notifications: Asana Tips: Profile Settings & Do Not Disturb

I hope that helps