Inbox filtering per team/project

I’ve been using Asana for a year now as our company is using it for everything. Got to say that this tool is near to perfect, except for the inbox feature. Being a projectmanager at our firm, I’m responsible for the work off 20+ projectmembers from at least 4 different project at a time. This means that my inbox is, at times, a feed of messages a human being simply cannot keep up with.

Therefore I’m suggesting to give the inbox a filter feature in which you can filter per team and/or per project. In my case, I would filter per team (which contains all projects for 1 client with all project members in our setup) and read up on all my notifications for that specific project. When done, change the filter to another team and read up again etc.

I’m guessing (and hoping) more people have this issue so this idea, in any form, will be implemented!

Perhaps there are already plans of some sort to enroll a feature like this?