Create notifications project based / filter "by project" in inbox

Hello Asana,

I work as a manager in an IT company, we use Asana for all tasks and is great, but i have a suggestion that I am 100% sure will help anyone that uses Asana on a business level.

I really love both the “inbox” notification system and the fact you can archive notifications, but from my perspective, I’m handling different tasks from different project and for me would be extremely useful if I could see the notifications from just a specific project, better yet, for me, I would really like if in the filter option from Inbox to have the ability to create custom folders in which I can add the project I want and see notifications strictly from that set of project.

As I see you already have the filter option in Inbox menu, I think this would be not a big development and the effect would be awesome.

Thank you,
Have a great day!

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